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Akila Fragrant RiceAkila Fragrant Rice:

Is a Thai Origin Fragrant Rice


Orginating from India, Akila has operations in South Africa, India, Brazil and Uruguay


Since its inception in 1997, AKILA Group has established itself as one of the largest importers of Agricultural commodities in South Africa. AKILA’s range of products in addition to Sugar, Rice, Beans, lentils and pasta’s now also feature SPECIALITY sugars (Icing and Castor). In addition to our business interests in South Africa, Akila has operations in India, Brasil and Uruguay.

Our Presence in Asia, America and Africa allows us to manage our own procurement thereby enabling us to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Within South Africa, AKILA group has operations in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Where AKILA Durban deals only in bulk distribution of our products, Cape Town and Johannesburg facilities are equipped with packaging and distribution under the AKILA brand in addition to being bulk distribution facilities respectively.

Flava Foods cc is AKILA’s trading branch in Johannesburg and Akila Foods cc is an ISO 22000 facility located in Maitland Cape Town.

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